Sterilization First

The best producers in the industry at the service of the best professionals: Dental 2000 the company's philosophy is summed up in these words.

The constant search for new solutions led

the company to offer the market product lines successfully, the

understanding of the needs of an ever changing industry has led to the creation of new services and projects for the establishment of a dental widespread culture which responds to the needs of patients with competence and professionalism.

At the heart of our business there are only autoclaves,
but sterilization as a science and art.
We have the experience, technology,
To give you the solution.
We are proud of our role in the world of sterilization.
We are the experts that can support clinicians in the management not only of
a single unit of sterilization, but the entire process.
This means that we propose an autoclave that you can implement
with all that I can help you get the most from the process of
sterilization: a demineralizer, a heat sealer, a printer,
a wi-fi connectivity.